The Next Generation of Video Platform!

VideoSpace is the next generation Video Platform using Artificial Intelligence (A.I.). With these new technological possibilities, VideoSpace created 4 innovative offerings: Stream, Video On-DemandVideo Search and Video Translation

According to a Cisco report, "video traffic will be 82 percent of all Internet traffic by 2020". So the the real question is, can you afford not to have a video strategy? 

While we cannot promise that we can turn you into a rock star, but VideoSpace is your bridge between you and that million people. VideoSpace is about enabling everyone to have their own private space for their videos needs. VideoSpace allows your event to be streamed live, allows the chef to have his own On-Demand channel, allowing a student to search spoken inside videos for research. The possibilities are endless. That is The Power of Video. 

However, the real challenge today is to offer live video streaming regardless where the content originates in the world. The need for a simple end-to-end platform that enables you (be it a corporate or an individual) to be able to stream in as little as 15 minutes. The VideoSpace backpack production kit allows you to do exactly do that!

VideoSpace is a suite of service and end-to-end solutions. These include:

  • Video Equipment (and crew)
  • Video Production (and crew)
  • Live Streaming
  • Video On-Demand
  • Video Search Engine
  • Video Translation

VideoSpace is a service fully owned by Babbobox.



How big is that? There are only 9 Global Partners for Azure Media Services listed HERE. We are proud to have attained this exclusive status as it indicates the high level of technological innovation and capabilities at the global level.  


We are proud to be selected by Microsoft to not one, but multiple exclusive invitation-only Partner Programs, they are:

  • Azure Apps Red Carpet Partner Program
  • Cloud Storage Partner Program
  • PowerApps Partner Program
  • Flow Partner Program

These Programs are highly exclusive in which Microsoft only invite carefully selected partners from each country to be the “go to” partners for the new cloud/mobility solutions. Partners were selected based on multiple criteria such as expertise, ability to execute, capacity to achieve targets, market and client base, and proven track record.

In short, you can trust in what we do.