According to a report, by 2021, the media market is expected to reach a worth of USD2.2 trillion. The primary medium is video. VideoSpace Search Engine addresses an existing need to search video content for various reasons. For example, to re-purpose existing video content for new sources of revenue for media networks.

Here's how we can help Broadcasters and Media Companies

#1 Increase Media Revenue - by re-purposing Content Assets

  • Increases ad inventory, by scaling short-form video for mobile.
  • True Video-on-Demand (Video Search), or pushed (Viewer Profile).
  • Make use of archives whilst maintaining accountability and control.
  • Produce Fully-automatic, personalised news video.
  • Editors control topic linking, weighting, adding/removing content, etc.. through a web interface.

#2 Save Cost – by Increasing Productivity

  • By simply cutting down resources needed to retrieve a video!


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