Enterprises know the need for digital transformation, they also know that Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) will play a big role in that transformation. However, many perceive A.I. to be out of reach because they think it is either too costly or they have little knowledge about its benefits to them. This is about to change with AIspace.

AIspace’s mission is to make A.I. accessible to all enterprises.

In AIspace, we are infusing A.I. into the something all enterprises need - Storage. By applying A.I. to digital assets (documents, images, audio and video) that already exist within your organization. For the first time ever, enterprises will be able to index and search inside all your documents, images, audio and video in a single platform using the World's First Unified Search Engine

According to a report, the cloud storage market size is estimated to grow to USD74.94 Billion by 2021. AIspace is poised to lead the “Next Generation of Intelligent Enterprise Storage” that can index, search and retrieve over 50 file formats on a single platform.

VideoSpace Search Engine

VideoSpace Search Engine can be utilized within various functions which have an immediate need for a media search engine. For example:

  • A.I. Data Storage - A single platform to store and search all digital assets (videos, audio, images and documents)

  • Media Archives and Libraries – where media libraries exist, knowledge and data waiting to be discovered

  • Training and Learning - provide multi-media and multi-lingual videos for learning or training purposes where internal or external users can search thousands of videos.

  • Communications - where a single language video can be automatically subtitled into another language and enabling discovery in multiple languages (via Translated Search)

  • Unstructured Big Data - Extract and analysis of data extracted from multi-media formats (video and audio)

  • Video SEO (Marketing) - Automatically generate massive amount of SEO from Videos.

All of the above services are unheard of before, but now made possible through VideoSpace. 

This unique value proposition stems from our Unified Search Engine's ability to search 8 different elements inside a video (the most difficult format to index and search). 

VideoSpace Video Search Engine