The Future is Video and On-Demand

If you really think about it, Video is not just the future, it is already here and now. Imagine harnessing the power of Video On-Demand for your organisation. From a CEO's inspirational townhall speech to a training video for employers, the video beats a static newsletter hands down. Our Video.On-Demand platform allows you to enter the Video Age and harness The Power of Video On-Demand.  


Create the ultimate Video Marketing platform by harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence to achieve the VideoSpace unique value proposition:

  • Automated SEO generation (Speech Recognition and Video OCR)! (450 language pairs)
  • Automated subtitles in multiple languages! (450 language pairs)
  • Search inside videos content! (9 native languages)
  • Search Video content in multiple languages! (450 language pairs)

Enterprise youtube

Unlock the value of your video assets with Enterprise Video On-Demand portal, a full-featured YouTube-like experience that enables employees to create, share and view videos securely and easily anywhere and on any device.

Unlimited audience
- Any Device, Anywhere

Thanks to intelligent device recognition, mobile viewers are directed to a mobile optimized version of the portal, making your video channel truly accessible.



With smart integration into Google Analytics, you will be getting various readings from the following dashboards:

  • Summary
  • Demographics and Usage
  • Quality of Service


  • Communicate ideas and information more clearly and effectively.
  • Document processes in ways that increase understanding and decrease costs.
  • Extend your reach to engage viewers across a wide variety of devices, platforms and applications.
  • Reduce travel, training and support costs by enabling multi-lingual, selfservice video libraries.
  • Increase organizational resiliency by capturing and sharing know-how and informal knowledge. 



  • Events - Make your event videos available beyond the event hall and dates.   
  • Training - free yourself from proprietary platforms and formats by adding streaming video your learning platform.
  • Onboarding - Accelerate time to productivity with video support for new employees.
  • Town hall meetings - communicate company-wide to employees regardless of the device they use to watch.
  • Field service - support technicians with up-to-date maintenance videos and enable upload from the field.
  • Support - increase satisfaction and reduce costs by enabling employees, partners and even customers to solve their issues with help videos.

We can make your videos 'Searchable'.
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