How does VideoSpace do live streaming?

Typically, if you have an event, chances are you would have hired a camera team to record the event. With VideoSpace, all you need is a good internet connection (at the event) and you can leave the rest to us. We will take care of the rest, from video production to video conversion to security to a dedicated video player and page for your live stream. While it sounds simple, the beauty of VideoSpace is that we can customise almost everything to your specific needs. 

The following diagram shows the major parts of the VideoSpace platform that are involved in Live Streaming workflow where a Video.Stream Channel is enabled. 

HOW different is VideoSpace vs youtube?

We get quite a lot of this question. One word: Control.

Other than that, you also have a choice of engaging us for the entire video production (from camera crew and equipment) to our Video.Stream platform. You can download a brief comparison here.  

Is there any delay (Latency) in the live stream?

With good end-to-end internet connectivity, the latency is typically less than 30 secs. However, if your viewers' internet bandwidth is limited, we can expect delay up to a minute.  

Can we hire our own video crew?

Sure! However, we would need to ensure that their equipment is up-to-spec for live streaming.  


Our prices start from a mere few hundred dollars. For pricing details, please CONTACT US

IS there a viewership limit?

No. However, if you are expecting a large viewership, it would be good to inform us prior so we can cater to any surges.

Can you cater to a worldwide audience?

Absolutely! We are able to deploy numbers of servers worldwide and have CDNs (Content Distribution Network) around the world simply for this purpose!

Can we get a recording of the live stream?

Yes! You will get an unedited recording of the entire live stream.  

Can we get statistics of our event?

Yes! Our VideoSpace Video Player is embedded with user analytics.

CAN my live stream be viewed on mobile devices?

Yes! Our VideoSpace Video Player caters to multiple platforms on multiple devices (Large screens, LED/LCD TVs, desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile phones)


Yes! Our VideoSpace Video Player is embedded with user analytics. 

Can we block our live stream from certain region(s)?

We are able to block or authorize viewers to watch your event by region/country or IP address. This option is only available for our Enterprise plans. 

IS MY Live Stream SECURED?

Yes! Your privacy is of utmost importance! We can secure your stream with industry leading encryption. Files are stored using industrial grade encryption. Absolutely nobody outside VideoSpace has access to our systems and your files. Even within VideoSpace, we do NOT look into your videos unless it is absolutely necessary and with your permission.

Integrity and trust is the cornerstone of VideoSpace.