Our platform partner is MICROSOFT AZURE. In short, we are using what all the big boys are using! 

VideoSpace is built on Microsoft Azure. The software technology behind Live Streaming is provided by Live Arena was used at more than 30,000 live events annually in US and Europe. 

Perhaps the first question on your mind would be "Is my data secured?". Here's 10 things to know about Azure Security. If you like a bit more technical explanation, you'll find this article useful. For further information about how your data is secured by Microsoft, please click here.

In addition, Microsoft has developed an extensible compliance framework that enables it to design and build services using a single set of controls to speed up and simplify compliance across a diverse set of regulations and rapidly adapt to changes in the regulatory landscape. Read more about cloud security compliance HERE!

So... Is VideoSpace secured? YES! We are as good as it gets. If not better than class leading industry standards! And you have our assurance that we are continuously working to make VideoSpace even more secured.

Beyond being safe, secured and reliable... 

What VideoSpace is really about is having a platform unleashes the power of your video content!