Unleashing The TRUE Power of VIDEO

Search is a fundamental human and organisational need. So if you have a lot of videos and would like to make sense out of them, what do you do?

Introducing the world's first Video-Search-as-a-Service (VSaaS). Our Video Search engine focuses on 6 main areas:

  • Speech Recognition (up to 9 languages)
  • Words or Text (more than 25 languages)
  • Motion Detection
  • Facial Detection
  • Emotion Detection
  • Offensive Content Detection

You can pick and choose one or more areas that you would like us to analyse into your videos. 

For Speech + Words demo, click HERE.
For Motion Detection demo, click HERE
For Face + Emotion Detection demo, click HERE
For Unique Face Detection demo for people counting, click HERE.

Motion Detection

Detect when motion has occurred in videos with stationary backgrounds. This service will analyze the video inputted and output metadata for which frames motion is detected.

Imagine the amount of time saved eyeballing if you have hundreds and thousands of videos!

FAce Detection and Tracking

Detect and track faces in videos. This service will analyze the video inputted and output metadata for faces and location of the faces within the video frames.

Results displayed below means that this feature detected motions between 1.9 to 3.6 seconds and 5.2 to 15.1 seconds of the video clip. 


Recognize Emotions


The Emotion for Video recognizes the facial expressions of people in a video, and returns an aggregate summary of their emotions. You can use this feature to track how a person or a crowd responds to your content over time. The emotions detected are anger, contempt, disgust, fear, happiness, neutral, sadness, and surprise.

Where You Can Use These Cool Features

Below are a couple of scenarios where we can help organizations and enterprises across industries gain new insights from video to create more personalized audience and employee engagements, as well as more effectively manage large volume of video content:

Call centers – Even with the advent of social media, customer call centers still facilitate a large percentage of customer service transactions. Encoded in this audio data is a wealth of information about customers that can be analyzed to improve product roadmaps and also train call center employees to achieve higher customer satisfaction. By using our indexing engine, customers are able to extract text and build a search index and dashboards to extract intelligence around most common complains, source of complains and other such relevant data.

User Generated Content (UGC) moderation – From news media outlets to police departments, many organizations have public facing portals where they accept UGC media, such as videos and images. The volume of content can spike due to unexpected events. In these scenarios, it is near impossible to conduct an effective manual review of the content for appropriateness. Customers can rely on the content moderation service to focus on the content that is appropriate.

CCTV Surveillance - With the growth of IP cameras, there is an explosion of surveillance videos. Manually reviewing surveillance video is time intensive and prone to human error. Components such as Motion Detection, Face Detection, and Video Stabilization can make the process of reviewing, managing and creating derivatives easier.

And many more, limited to our own imagination... 

Other Cool Video Services

Video Stabilization

Smooth and stabilize shaky video. Given an input video, the service will generate a stabilized version of the video.


This thumbnail is captured from a 12 min original video

Provides an automatic motion thumbnail summary for videos to let people see a preview or snapshot quickly. Selection of scenes from a video create a preview in form of a short video.