Difference between VideoSpace's Video Search Engine vs. other search engines

We get quite a lot people asking us the same question... "What's the difference between VideoSpace Video Search Engine and other search engines?". And we thought the best way is to use icebergs to explain this. 

Typical search engine today can only search the tip of the iceberg, but we all know more than 90% of the real content is submerged underwater. That's the difference! 

Search engines today can only search "Title" and "Metadata". But VideoSpace's Video Search Engine can also search for:

  • "Title"
  • "Metadata"
  • "Speech" (spoken in the video) 
  • "Words" (appearing in the video)

In the example below, the "Title" and "Metadata" provides very little evidence of the actual discussion made in the panel session. Without VideoSpace Video Search Engine, we wouldn't know that the term "Arts Program" was mentioned 5 times. Or even "Japan" was mentioned during the panel discussion. 

With the VideoSpace Video Search Engine, we can even pinpoint exactly where the word "Japan" was spoken. 

This is something you need to see for yourself!

#1 Click on the image below
#2 Type "Japan" into the search box
#3 Click onto any of the resultant links